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Please contact Brett Maly to establish the value of your Jack White Echruseos or Oil Painting.
Brett E. Maly 
Certified Art Appraiser.
( Las Vegas NV)

“Dear Interested Collector,

Due to the volume of requests and emails that I have received about my Echruseos (gold leaf) art I felt compelled to add a button to my Website. I know how frustrating it must be to you who are seeking to establish a value on the Echruseos art.

I invented the process of putting small sheets of gold leaf on the reverse side of glass in 1970. I coined the name for my new technique. I took a Greek lexicon and invented a word to go with my art technique. Ek means 'out of'. Crus is 'gold'. Ous means 'having been done.' So literally the word Echruseos means, 'Out of gold having been done.' It is pronounced Ek-Cru-sos.

During the next eight years I sold several million dollars’ worth of my "gold leaf" art all over the world. Many of the early pieces were sold for next to nothing. As my popularity grew so did the retail prices of the gold leaf. In 1977 and 1978 I was selling the Echruseos for a significant amount. Some commissioned works were selling in excess of $20,000.

Since the advent of the Internet and the appearance of eBay attention has resurfaced about my career and the gold leaf work. I heard of a man buying a 11"x14" at a garage sale for $35. A couple discovered one of my gold leaf pieces in a wrecked house. It was among the rubble. I have also seen one 30"x40" sell for $25,000. Many are priced anywhere between $500 and $25,000. This is a huge chasm in pricing. What this means is many people own the Echruseos and are not aware of what they have. You have all heard stories of someone finding a Norman Rockwell stuck in an attic, covered with dust. Once cleaned up they realized they have a very valuable piece of art.

Since I stopped producing my Echruseos art in 1978 and several have broken due to mishandling, the supply is shrinking. My Echruseos art is in eleven museums and in my humble opinion one day will be a coveted collector item. I may well be dead before the art reaches it zenith; nevertheless I am fully convinced that this technique will be recognized as a rare collector item. Only time will validate my claims or prove me wrong.

My sincere advice to you and your heirs is to hold on to the art, make sure it is secure and insure it for a considerable sum. It is with confidence that I say my epic historical novel on Texas, “Ten Years in Texas”, will be a successful published book. With the book my name will resurface in the art world. When that happens the true collectors will begin to surface. Be aware you own an extremely rare piece of art. Once the technique is exposed to the Christies and Sothebys in the world of art collectors you can expect the Echruseos to explode and reach a six figure plateau.”

Jack White

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