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Over the decades, collectors from around the world have purchased thousands of Jack White Echruseos, Oils, Litho Prints, Serigraphs and Painted Apparel. Many would like to know, "How much is my piece worth?" Mr. White often offered this bit of witty information as a guide. He said, "A product is always worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. Thirty years ago, you could have purchased a great Super Bowl seat for face value on the forty-five-yard line, about ten rows up, for $35.00. That same ticket this year would have been sold for at least five thousand dollars."

Brett Maly, a certified appraiser who is an expert on Jack White’s artwork, will be happy to assist you in establishing the current value of your collection. Please CLICK the Gold Leaf Button below for more information. Jack White has always been extremely appreciative of his collectors; thanking them for the millions of dollars they have spent on his work since that fateful day, February 14, 1970, when he sold his first painting.

A partial list of Prominent Portrait Commissions:

Governor Coke Stevenson
President Lyndon Johnson
Governor John Connally
Governor Dolph Briscoe
Roe vs. Wade Attorney Sara Weddington
Roe vs. Wade Attorney Henry Wade
Pro Golfer Byron Nelson
General Roger Blood
McDonald's founder Ray Croc
McDonald's CEO Fred Turner
Senator John Tower
Speaker of the House Rayford Price
US Marshall Clint Peoples
Attorney General Crawford Martin
World Champion Cowboy Phil Lynn
Speaker of the House Gib Lewis
Baylor University Coach Grant Teaff
All Pro Dallas Cowboy John Niland
Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry
Speaker of the House Billy Clayton
University of Texas Baseball Cliff Gustafson
Cub Baseball Don Baylor
Attorney Dick Degerian
Miss Texas Leah Kay Lyle
Railroad Commissioner Mac Wallace
Holly Farms Chicken Mrs. James Rhodes
Pro Basketball George "Ice Man" Gervin
Pro Basketball Julius "Dr. J" Irvin
Senior Texas Ranger Captain Bill Wilson
Pro Football Bobby Layne
700 Club Pat Robertson
Tampa Bay Storm Coach Tim Marcum

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