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Jack White is a sixth generation Texan. Great Grandson of famous Texas Ranger, Ben McGee. Great, great, great Grandson of Dillard Cooper one of the few men to escape the Goliad Massacre. His Great Grandmother was the first woman doctor in the newly formed Republic of Texas. Raised on a working West Texas ranch, with desires of becoming a professional rodeo cowboy, he was asked to play college football. A four-sport college athlete in high school and two sport athlete in college. Jack's opportunity to play professional baseball and sign a professional contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers was prevented because of a knee injury playing high school football.

"Art was always in the back of my mind, but growing up in such a macho world, I thought painting was for ladies and the effeminate," says the 6' 1", 200 pound Texan. The seed to paint continued to germinate inside until the fall of 1969. Visiting an art gallery for the first time, he came away with the feeling he could do what he saw. Selling his first piece to a couple from Peru, on Valentine’s Day 1970 for $10, launched a career that would see him at the top in less than a decade. By the end of the millennium he was a master oil painter.

In 1976, he was named the Official Artist of Texas and the following year a street was named after him. Jack White was the first non-law enforcement person to be named an honorary Texas Ranger and given a life-membership into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. September 13, 2006 Texas Governor Rick Perry commissioned Jack White as an honoree Admiral in the Texas Navy. This honor is bestowed on only a handful of people. 

Jack White was recognized as one of the premier portrait painters in the world when he put his career on hold due to a freak accident. Two car thieves fleeing the police in a stolen vehicle slammed into Mr. White's car, severely injuring his painting arm and shoulder. Always positive, he turned his creative energy into writing, accepting the challenge to write a series of art marketing books. His eight books have become a respected road map for those in the art world. The number is great who give Mr. White credit for their success, he has helped hundreds of artists all over the world. 

His epic historical novel, Ten Years in Texas, occurs during the years of 1835 and 1845 when Texas was an independent Republic. The book has been given high praise by those who have read it.  The setting of the sequel, Sea to Shining Sea, is the Mexican-American War and the ensuing territorial acquisitions by the United States. A list of all of Jack White’s books and where they may be purchased are shown below.

Jack White’s paintings now hang in the Smithsonian and several other museums. His portraits include such notables as President Lyndon Johnson, Byron Nelson, Ray Kroc and Tom Landry. There is every reason to believe that his books will be as successful as his paintings. For information on appraisals of Jack White artwork please CLICK the Gold Leaf Button at the bottom of the page.

Jack White Historical Novels

Ten Years in Texas
Available on and 

Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny 
Available on and 

Run Oklahoma Run: From Discovery to Statehood
Available on and 

Preacherman’s Son: Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin
Available on and

Abraham Lincoln: His Dark Side Exposed
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Jack White Art Marketing Books
All of these books are available in hardcopy or download at, and

Mystery of Making IT

Magic of Selling Art

Malady of Art: FEAR

Mystique of Marketing Art on eBay

Mastery of Self Promotion

Messages of Effusion

Methods of Success

Artist Confidential: Secret Guidelines of Professionals

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