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Jack White Traveling

On July 15th, 2016 Heaven welcomed a master artist and amazing writer; Jack White has gone home to Our Lord. At 83, Jack’s mind was sharper than ever but his body gave in to the ravages of time. Don’t you imagine all of the artists in Heaven have flocked around him to learn from his vast experiences, get pointers on their work and discover the joys of using his Double Primary Color Mixing System? Jack is beyond thrilled, getting to meet and compare ideas with John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, Rosa Bonheur and Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun, as well as all of the other master artists he has admired. He now writes freely and happily, unencumbered by stiff and uncooperative fingers. Jack has helped so many of us here on earth. We will all miss this amazingly talented man, his storytelling and infectious laugh. But as incredibly hard as it is to give Jack up it’s comforting to know he’s in a better place and whole again. And that we will all be reunited one day in Heaven.

Jack was once asked to give A SINGLE WORD he would use to describe himself. Now think about that a moment, only one word to sum up your entire existence on earth. Not a phrase or sentence, JUST ONE WORD. Jack didn’t ponder long, his face lit up as he said, “GENEROUS”. It’s amazing how that word has popped up in hundreds of comforting emails from all over the world.

Jack’s longtime friend, Grant Teaff, put it best:

“I have realized: that Jack's name will always be remembered, because of his name on paintings and books. However, Jacks life will continue to positively affect you and hundreds who have been privy to his teachings, wisdom and sincere love for all. Today, tomorrow and forever his influence will continue like the ripples caused when a pebble is dropped in smooth water, however in Jack’s case, his life was a boulder.”

Grant Teaff
Former Baylor University Head Football Coach and Athletic Director
Former Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Association
Member of the College Football Hall of Fame

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